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School Community

École Rio Terrace Schule is a learning community comprised of our teachers, students, and parents, each with clear responsibilities that help to make our school the best that it can be.


We believe that as a school we are responsible for:

  • Providing children with a sound academic education in a secure and safe learning environment;
  • Helping students work towards becoming independent adults committed to learning and excellence;
  • Providing opportunities for students to have input into decisions which affect them;
  • Being a focal point for the home and community. 

We believe that teachers are responsible for:

  • Providing curricular expertise;
  • Facilitating learning;
  • Challenging students and allowing them to take risks in a safe and caring learning environment;
  • Recognizing the strengths of each child;
  • Providing a climate which fosters learning;
  • Adapting the curriculum to meet individual needs and interests;
  • Providing a variety of teaching strategies and learning experiences;        
  • Fostering mutual respect and dignity;
  • Maintaining consistent expectations for student behaviour;
  • Keeping accurate records of student progress;
  • Communicating expectations for individual achievement and behaviour;
  • Engaging in professional activities. 

We believe that students are responsible for:

  • Their own actions;
  • Respecting the rights and property of others;
  • Acting in socially acceptable ways;
  • Attending school regularly and being on time;
  • Seeking help when experiencing personal, social and/or emotional difficulties;
  • Obeying school rules;
  • Respecting the authority of all school staff members and volunteers;
  • Acting in a safe manner at all times;
  • Giving a conscientious effort in each class;
  • Being active participants in their own learning.
  • Daily using the homework log to ensure all assignments have been completed. 

We believe that parents are responsible for:

  • Providing their children with adequate rest, proper nutrition, encouragement to do their best, and a safe and loving home;
  • Teaching their children to be responsible for their own behaviour;
  • Providing a quiet place to do homework
  • Scheduling a regular daily time for reading or homework
  • Daily checking and signing the homework log
  • Helping students organize his or her time and work
  • Being an “audience” for reading practice
  • Stressing the importance of education;
  • Ensuring that children attend regularly and arrive at school on time;
  • Notifying the school of absences and lates;
  • Signing their children out at the office (and off the bus list) if the child is leaving the building
  • Communicating with the school whenever a concern arises.

Unique Learning Community

The uniqueness of the learning community at Rio Terrace is conveyed by the following thoughts of a teacher who recently joined us:

“Teaching at Rio Terrace is a breath of fresh air in my career.  I have a renewed sense of learning, and teaching.  The team at Rio Terrace is one of cohesiveness, one of cooperation/caring as well as one of discernment and willingness to make this the best school for children, families as well as for all of us that touch the children’s lives.

We value each student and his/her family, each teacher, and each staff member.  We notice the little things that make a big difference in people’s lives.  Our commitment to striving for the best possible programming for each individual is always first and foremost.”